Crescent Solitaire

In Crescent Solitaire, you’ll be using an upside down U shape of cards to eventually move them all into the center area of the card table. In this game, two decks of playing cards are mixed together to create the playability of the game. When the cards are dealt in crescent solitaire, the cards form a large crescent shape, or arc.

In the middle of the game board, four kings are placed at the top. Below them lie four aces. This gives you a card structure to place the other cards into. The object of the game is to move all the cards into the middle of the game board with the kings and aces until there aren’t any cards left. Once you’ve completed that, the game is over and you can start again.

The kings in the middle of the table allow you to build down up to aces, and the aces allow you to build up according to suit to the king level. The aim of this game is to fill the central foundation areas of your desk with all the cards from the outer piles. There is a king and aces foundation area for each suit and you must stack up the cards in descending or ascending order. When there are no more moves possible in Crescent Solitaire you can use one of three shuffle poker. However, you can also make of the hints if you get stuck.

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You can play the top card on any card in the semicircle crescent on top of other cards in the crescent or choose to move them into the middle foundations. You can go either up or down but you have to stay according to the suit. For example, a 7 of spades won’t be able to be set on top of a 6 of hearts, but a 7 of spades can go on top of a 6 of spades.

Crescent Solitaire 2

This edition of the free crescent solitaire comes with a fresh look. Besides the tropical design do you have limited time move all the cards from the outer piles to the foundation piles in the center of the desk. Yet, as opposed to crescent solitaire classic does this Crescent Solitaire 2 not have any interactive hints. Crescent Solitaire 2 is the card game you are familiar with, yet this edition comes in a tropical look and you hear sound which reminds you of beach holidays. What also makes play solitaire different from the classic edition is that you only have 20 minutes to move the cards in the correct order. Make sure you don’t get stuck, but if you are then make use of the shuffle feature to be able to finish this card game.

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The crescent solitaire free game will always be free to play on the Internet from Mochimedia. Mochimedia has produced tons of wonderful games that are fun for the whole family. There are many different versions of solitaire out there and the best one for you will totally depend on your personal preference.

There are three redeal moves you can make in this game when you’ve exhausted all possible moves. This can only be done three times and should be used sparingly by players who want to win. When the total of 104 cards used to play the game are in the foundations, the game is won and over with.

Overall this game is a lot of fun for people who love crescent solitaire online. Many people have found hours of enjoyment in playing this game and many people have a lot of great things to say about it. Mochimedia is on the forefront of creating great games for all of us to enjoy and this will certainly not be their last game release.

As a crescent solitaire card game, you can only play this game as a single player version and no multiplayer versions are available. Played with two decks, it offers a substantial increase in playing time over traditional solitaire. There are lots of different solitaire versions to choose from and many of them have been around for ages. Crescent solitaire is just one of the many variations available and one that’s really a lot of fun to play.

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